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Заставка с логотипом компании ООО Феррум
Metal furniture
Metal cabinets

Metal cabinets from the company «Ferrum»

Company «Ferrum» – one of the largest manufacturers of metal cabinets not only in Russia but also in Europe. 15 years of successful work (since 1999), more than 200 position of metal products in the assortment, the number of certificates and compliance with standards of GOST, that the arguments in favor of this supplier. Today the company «Ferrum» is the leading brand of the domestic market of metal furniture. In the nomenclature of not only the metal cabinets, and workbenches, pedestals for tools, racks, trolleys and much more. Although, of course, the most popular in the assortment the manufacturer are the cabinets metal for various purposes.

Speaking about the distinctive features of all types of cabinets from «Ferrum», we can select 3 of their advantages. First, they are reliable due to the use of material of high quality for their assembly (high-strength steel with a thickness of 0.9 to 1.5 mm). Secondly, the cabinets manufactured by «Ferrum» resistant to temperature extremes, moisture and other negative external factors. This product is thought in its practicality and originality of design. It should be noted that the assembly of any model from this company, whether it is an archive cabinet or drying, will afford the buyer (in the package is always present detailed instruction).

The lineup of this producer presents a series of positions: from instrumental to drying and clothes cabinets. All products «Ferrum» has beautiful appearance, accuracy of the assembley, well thought out internal structure and quality of the case, fittings and fastening systems. In particular, instrumental models of the series «Titan», was so successful that it became the subject of imitation.

However, this manufacturer is not one of those who careless about his reputation. It professionals regularly monitor the market to identify fakes in order to preserve the good name of the company. Drying cabinets, tool models 100 or 200 series, hangers, benches, – buying products from «Ferrum», the buyer can be assured of its quality.

First, the manufacturer take care about presence of distinguishing marks on the packaging. Secondly, we regularly carry out market research to identify and resolve fakes. As for copies of the series «Titan» performed by the other manufacturers as the original its always superior to imitation. At least for the reason that the models of «Ferrum» are regularly updated and tested in different conditions. In fact, we built our strong position has been a long 15 years.

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