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Заставка с логотипом компании ООО Феррум
Metal furniture
Tool Trolleys

Tool trolleys «Ferrum» is a reliable assistant of a good master

Most interest to the tool trolleys show car services, and small business related with metalwork and repair work, with the equipment of industrial rooms.

Besides, buyers of metal furniture often car owners and home masters seeking to equip your garage or utility room not only modern equipment and tools, but also convenient furniture, it is optimal to equip a workplace, to make it functional and ergonomic, and the work is productive and of high quality.

Despite significant competition, the domestic firm «Ferrum» saves a leading position, being one of the leading Russian manufacturers of wide range of metal furniture and tool trolley is one of the Central development.

Why tool trolley necessary? Thanks to the thoughtfulness and quality it is becoming an indispensable assistant of the master, and in a production conditions only with its participation, may competently organize the working process, make it fast and comfortable.

Metal furniture allows you to hold all of the working tool is in order, classifying and playing it on the shelves and boxes in accordance with the type, purpose and frequency of use. The main features of the tool trolley are its high strength, durability and mobility.

Made from steel sheets with thickness of 0.9 to 1.5 mm, the trolley is covered with environmentally clean powder spraying, which protects its surface. Drawers and shelves also are differ reliable and exactly match to the branches of the trolley. They are move using by means of a telescopic rails that excludes failures or distortions. With proper maintenance, the trolley will last over 10 years.

Everyone knows how important for master, so that all tools was at any moment at hand. The tool trolley will ensure convenience in any job. Durable wheels allow easy to move trolleys the shop or workshop, and reliable brake ensures full safety.

«Ferrum» produces several types of metal trolleys – battery, tools, etc., in this case each provides various modifications, as well individual color selection in the catalog. Buying or ordering a trolleys «Ferrum», you get a new opportunity for productive and quality work using any tool.

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